Meet The Owner

Established in 2021

My name is Ruthie Vartanian.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  My passion has always been in the beauty industry.  I am a two-time breast cancer survivor. Even after numerous surgeries, I never let cancer take away the spirit of my beauty or my body. I always tried to look my very best no matter how bad I felt or looked. I told myself that whatever cancer damages or takes from me, I will work with what I still have and do whatever I can to replace or repair the beauty that was taken from me.  I always thought that it was just me being vain.  Until I was told by my Oncologist that if I look good then I will feel good. 

He also told me that when I came into the treatment room twice a week with my makeup on and dressed nicely instead of in pajamas, it motivated other patients that had given up hope. His words of pride has always stayed in the front part of my brain and heart.

God has blessed me beyond measure with an amazing and supportive husband and with the opportunity to fulfill my dream in the body sculpting business. My goal in my spa is to help and guide each person that walks through my door with making them feel beautiful and to bring their bodies to the highest level of beauty. Whether it is damaged from an illness or even just wanting to feel more confident within their own skin. I want Snatch Me Up California to be a part of helping fulfill your personal desire to feel secure and comfortable with your body. I have put my heart and love of beauty into my vision for my spa. It would be a privilege to be a part of your journey to evolve into a more beautiful and sexy YOU.

I look forward to your Business.

- Ruthie V.